Wonderful Kepri Highlights

KEPRI or Riau Islands Province consists of 2,408 islands (now you know that Batam & Bintan are only two of those) and is bordering Indonesia with Singapore and Malaysia. Its strategic position, especially Batam, has long become one of tourist main gates to Indonesia (big three along with Bali & Jakarta).

In February 21st 2015, Kepri Tourism has just launched its new tourism program called Creating Wonderful Kepri: Youth, Women, Netizen.  This is meant more energy & creativity to the tourism sector.  At least it obviously showed when the launching event took place in Dataran Engku Putri, Batam. There were more than just traditional dances & music (influenced by Malay culture), but it was a contemporary parade to the max.

Never thought that the ceremony would become such a blast with some kind of color party.  Never had imagined that I would be seeing the Minister of Tourism (Mr. Arief Yahya), the Coordinating Minister of Maritime (Mr. Dwisuryo Indroyono Soesilo), Vice Governor of Kepri (Mr. Soerya Respationo), and other government officials, all were rubbed in colors.

Wonderful Kepri, it’s a blend of culture, hope, and happiness.


Disgiovery yours!


The gate of Dataran Engku Putri where the launching of #CWK takes place
Dataran Engku Putri is Batam’s main city square with its bright blue sky
Putting signature on the Declaration of Youth, Women, Netizen
Wulan Guritno, one of Indonesia leading actresses, is promoting her new film about Wonderful Kepri
The colorful world of Wonderful Kepri
From the Minister to Miss Tourism, all declaring Creating Wonderful Kepri : Youth, Women, Netizen
It’s such a rare moment to see the government officials are having a great time like this
Capturing the fun, sharing the moment
A carnival participant sitting in the shadow awaiting for her turn to perform
Wonderful Kepri Highlights
Traditional dancers are ready to welcome you all to Wonderful Kepri


Disclaimer: This post was made possible by Indonesian Ministry of Tourism

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  1. Gara

    Let all of us blend in multicolor, as our country consists of multicultural societies!
    Splendid pictures, splendid festival, captured in such a splendid way that I think I was present at that moment, too.
    Great post!

    1. Taburan warna-warni awalnya berasal dari Festival Warna (Holi) di India untuk perayaan musim semi, namun kini sudah jadi budaya global (biasanya untuk merayakan suatu event).

      Kegiatan ini menyatukan tua muda pejabat rakyat dalam satu keceriaan bersama, tampaknya konsep inilah yang kemudian diusung Wonderful Kepri dalam acara launching kemarin 🙂

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