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Venture-August-2013 | VENTURE magazine was my first attempt to write a travel article in full editorial English.  Luckily, Melanie Whitmarsh, the editor, is a very nice woman to work with.  A warm welcome from her has given me spirit to finish this job.

I wrote about Campuhan, Ubud, because it’s my most visited place in Bali.  Campuhan lies on a hilly terrain, and there is an ancient temple here that’s believed to be the ancestral of Ubud people. There is a footpath behind the temple that leads you the Campuhan hill and the artist village of Bangkiang Sidem.  It’s more like pilgrimage because you would feel piece and serenity.

So after a couple of emails with Melanie, then voila!  My article has finally been published in Venture Magazine August 2013, The All-Indonesia Issue. You can still purchase the digital version of this magazine online via Scoop.  Go grab it, guys!


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