A Closer Look to Underwater Wedding Ceremony in Trang, Thailand


I came as a guest, not the groom (yet).

Trang Underwater Wedding is an annual event held by Trang province in the south of Thailand. This February 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of the event, and I was lucky to be able to attend the largest wedding ceremony in Trang (it equipped with the large number of 20 wedding couples for the event).

Welcome dinner was held at Thumrin Thana Hotel. All couples were introduced to the guests. Traditional Thai dances then were performed on and off stage while special dinner were served on each round table. As an opening we all had sticky rice and chicken curry, a special Thai wedding dish.

Some of the soon-to-be-wedding couples wait in line
Sticky rice and chicken curry for the opening
Show some love! Ignore us the fabulous singles! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The wedding banquet was sumptuous. We feasted like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t help myself when a portion of a whole steamed & roasted duck arrived on our table.

“OMG, it’s the best meat I’ve ever had in the world!” I knew I reacted too much, but I couldn’t help it. The duck meat was so juicy & tender, the broth was hearty & deeply flavored. I told my friends frantically in awe.

But things drastically changed when our guide remembered being told about me not eating pork. The duck was (unfortunately for me) filled with small cubes of pork inside. “Sorry I forgot but it’s written here.” He showed me the card on the table. Yeah right, it was all written in Thai script.

I choked while laughter burst out. Forgive me God for I have sinned. Gluttony.

The head servant then went bowing down several times apologizing. Seafood platter saved the night.

Watch out it’s an edible trap!
Casualties of food #burp

The day after, all couples & guests were transferred from Pak Meng pier to Koh Waen by boats. The station located 18 m deep underwater, where the Trang underwater wedding couples would exchange vows and a bubbly kiss. Luckily the weather was sunny (while we’d been having consecutive heavy rain in Java). Never been in my life I was so thankful for the sunlight that felt so warm & nice that day.

Even the pier & the boats are joyful in pink (and fuchsia!)
The decoration on one corner of the boat
Jump to get wedded 18 m underneath

I haven’t had any diving license yet, so we just watched all the preparation on the surface. Despite the hectic situation, it was interesting how we couldย feel the excitement and nervousness of the wedding couples. Only a few that were able toย speak English, but we could tell the happiness by their face. This moment was surely special. Gladย that finally everything ran smoothly down there.

Squeeze some holy water
Officially married. Indonesians would loudly say: Sah? Saaaaah!!!

All wedded couples then continued this amazing experience at the Anantara Si Kao Resort and Spa. There was a fireworks display while couples watch a video footage of the ceremony. The wedding registration is legally binding and their vows are said during the evening. We all had a wonderful dinner at the garden party by the beach (no worries, I didn’t see any pork menu on the buffet table). While sunset view from the Andaman Sea was really something to remember.

Look what I’ve found! Is this a sign? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anantara’s sunset view

I also wrote a brief detail about the ceremony on my other article published at Liburmulu.com (it’s written in Bahasa Indonesia). Note that all underwater photos are courtesy of TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand). Those who’d like to know more about the event please visit their official website here.

So, how would you like to visit Trang next year and join this romantic event? ๐Ÿ™‚


Disgiovery yours!


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  1. Some says you commit no sin if you don’t have the knowledge of what you eat. ๐Ÿ˜› imagining the juicy and tender duck meat. *lost focus. Haha.
    What a cool way to marry your loved one. Wish you will be the groom as soon as you plan it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Mantap, kami pernah merencanakan tari di bawah laut (Selayar), tapi belum kesampaian. Semoga idenya bisa direalisasikan. Entah kapan.

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