mesa island

Mesa Island Once Upon a Day

MESA ISLAND in Komodo Islands, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), surely has its own charm. The 1,500 people of Mesa Island are also known as the sea gypsies, as their...

Photo Gallery: Windows

If God were living on earth, people would break His windows. (Yiddish Proverb)  
motorhome belitung

Road Trip with the Majesty Motorhome Belitung

DISGIOVERY and a recent mini road trip around the island with Majesty Motorhome Belitung, in Babel, Indonesia. I’ve been chosen to first ride the specially designed vehicle, it’s an amazing...

Postcards from Terengganu

TERENGGANU, a coastal state overlooking the South China Sea, is famed for its 244 km stretch of unpolluted and panoramic beaches.  As a beach person, I’m personally moved by its...

Kerala Blog Express | HAPPY Recipe

  H A P P Y main ingredients: 27 bloggers from around the world 6 Malayali herb boys + 1 Mumbaikar spice girl 1 ultimate Manoj from Vasudevan family directions:...
belitung timur

10 Fun Things to do in Beltim (Belitung Timur)

EAST BELITONG is a part of Belitong island, off the eastern coast of Sumatera, Indonesia.  This regency is also known as Beltim or Belitung Timur, the land of a million...
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