kereta semarang

Snapshots on the Railway to Semarang

IT’S truly an honor to be one of the participants of Kemenhub (Indonesian Ministry of Transportation) Photo Contest 2014. We were all selected by Mr. Arbain Rambey, a well recognized...
kerala blog express

Kerala Blog Express | HAPPY Recipe

  H A P P Y main ingredients: 27 bloggers from around the world 6 Malayali herb boys + 1 Mumbaikar spice girl 1 ultimate Manoj from Vasudevan family directions:...
good food padma

Good Food At Padma | Breakfast Like A King

EVERY morning in my hillside studio room in Padma Hotel Bandung there was this fluorescent halo hanging on top of my head, expressing my enthusiasm on going to have some...

Good Morning, Gantong!

disgiovery.id GOOD MORNING, Gantong! Awaken by serenity, a smile raised up instantly on my face. I was on the comfy bed in a comfy room at a comfy hotel in...
grand paradise lembang

Hotel Review in Grand Paradise Lembang

“HOW about spending some time in Paradise?” A few hours later I was on my way to Bandung. A friend had offered me this short term photo job for a...
anyer lighthouse

A Visit To Willem III, The Lighthouse Of Anyer

REMEMBER Sadako, the creepy girl with her signature long silky hair? Remember where she lived? Ever since I watched Sadako in the movie Ringu where the setting took place in...
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