Funful Moments of Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2016

disgiovery.id I came as a guest, not the groom (yet). Trang Underwater Wedding is an annual event held by Trang province in the south of Thailand. This February 2016 marked...
pinnacles desert

Pinnacles Desert | Land Of The Ancient Ghosts

THIS is not a landscape from a science fiction movie nor an eerie landscape of planet Mars. This is real. This is Pinnacles Desert, a place where I could imagine: “Ok, so...
padma hotel bandung

Good Karma At Padma Hotel Bandung

PADMA Hotel Bandung invokes the stunning natural beauty for which Parahyangan mountainous land is renowned. Nestled in the lap of the green hillside of Ciumbuleuit, Padma Hotel Bandung boasts a...

SMILE Connecting People

disgiovery.id How to connect to other people especially strangers? Use our universal language: smile. All pictures in this album is taken place in Kerala, India. I don’t speak any Malayalam,...
romancing braga

Romancing Braga

O lovely ladies of Bandung I could burst into song When I see you go along On the Bragaweg I rate you high in looks Far above the picture-books a...
free things to do in ubud bali

10 Free Things To Do in Ubud Bali

UBUD Bali is well known as the cultural heart of the island. Although some say it’s now become more touristy and expensive, but people are still attracted to come. I’m...
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