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Kerala Smile cover

How to connect to other people especially strangers? Use our universal language: smile.

All pictures in this album is taken place in Kerala, India. I don’t speak any Malayalam, and sometimes I don’t understand their Malayali accent even when they’re talking in English, but I do find a simplicity in making connection with these nice people.  Smile.

As simple as that.


Disgiovery yours!


on the cover:

A student is taking a break after class in state academy of arts, Kerala Kalamandalam. While busy talking with his cell phone, he immediately pauses and gives me a moment to take a tele snapshot. A smile has taken our silent conversation.


Mom & son in Kochi ferry boat
Mom & son on a ferry boat across the seaport of Kochi. As I wave my hand to the other vessels passing by, this boy is doing the same thing randomly. With a genuine smile.  A child’s smile is one of life’s greatest blessings, yeah I can tell by his mom’s proud face.
Holi festival in Munnar
Holi Festival is not common in South India, so it’s a bit surprise when we approach some young men are smearing color powder to each other’s face here in Munnar. A smile from one of the guys connecting me with the spirit of Holi as he applies some colors on my forehead.
A girl of Kerala Kalamandalam
Students of Kerala Kalamandalam practicing their dance routine in state academy of arts, Cheruthuruthy. This class is making this girl and her friends drenched in sweat (that may not look appealing to visitors). But her pleasant smile has caught my attention at most.
Students relaxing
Boy students holding poses behind the window of their dormitory in Kerala Kalamandalam.  Long hour classes could be stressful enough for these young folks, but luckily they always have a chance to interact & have fun with visitors that can keep their smile rising.
A pilgrim of synagogue
A woman pilgrim in Chendamangalam synagogue, Kochi.  Her smile warms me up as I enter the gate. This is my first time visiting a synagogue, and I hope it won’t make me kafir by saying this Jewish heritage site is as beautiful as that woman’s smile.
Kalaripayattu warriors
They may look warm & harmless, but they practice Kerala’s only kalaripayattu (one of the oldest martial art form in existence) and have been trained to fight either with weapons or empty handed.  Despite the ability of complete fighting, these people are really nice & full of smile.
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