Romancing Braga

Romancing Braga 1

O lovely ladies of Bandung
I could burst into song
When I see you go along
On the Bragaweg

I rate you high in looks
Far above the picture-books
a real delight to the sight
On the Bragaweg

Now Alas I’m going away
And no more, before midday
Shall I linger, stare, and stay
On the Bragaweg

But I hope some lucky day
Once again to make my way
And to beauty my homage pay
On the Bragaweg

[On The Bragaweg – a poetry written by by an Englishman from Singapore; as published in Bandung’s newspaper Algemen Indisch Dagblad – De Preangerbodes in 1937]

Braga street
This is not Abbey road, this is Braga. | BRAGAWEG a.k.a. Braga street in Bandung is where the term ‘Parijs van Java’ might originally come from. This used to be the place where the elites & the riches of Preangerplanters spent their leisure time. Cafés & restaurants. Saloon and bordeelsteer (packed with beautiful ladies). Romance & scandals.

Braga street nowadays still keeps some remaining beauty of the past. Colonial buildings and old style shops. Paintings and classic cars. Friendly people we met.  Actually, we came over for taking some personal photo profile, so pardon me if the pictures below represent more of ourselves rather than Braga street itself. But believe me, this old street is really worth to visit and take a stroll down to.

However, where there’s romance and vintage, there’s only Braga street.

Disgiovery yours!


Romancing Braga 4 Romancing Braga 8

Romancing Braga 3
The wall still keeps the memory left behind.

Romancing Braga 9

Romancing Braga 6

Romancing Braga 7
Meet with some Bandung guys from a photography community. They’re loud, outgoing, and humorous.

Romancing Braga 5

Romancing Braga 10