Postcards From Beltim

Postcards from Beltim (cover)
A visitor walks by the side of Kwan Im Temple, Burong Mandi, Damar.

BELTIM, the land of a million rainbows, is also known as Belitung Timur (or East Belitong), a regency in the eastern part of Belitong Island, Bangka-Belitong province, Indonesia.  This region has now begun delegating its allure to sustainable cultural & natural resources (forget about ceaseless extraction of tin mining).

Needless to say, all pictures in this album only represent a few of many East Belitong’s unspoiled potential richness. You should pay a visit there to explore & experience it by yourself. Keep in mind that you should always be a responsible traveler wherever you are.  Like this Belitong’s folk song below about how the locals praise the river dam and the fish, enjoying them without exploitation:

Ke pice… Ke pice…
Ade jeramba gede
Aik gemuroh… Aik gemuroh

Disgiovery yours!

Beltim SD Laskar Pelangi
A replica of SD Muhammadiyah, built for the set of Laskar Pelangi TV series, Gantung.
Beltim surabi durian monthong
Surabi (Indonesian pancake) & sticky rice with with savory durian monthong sauce, Kelapa Kampit.
Beltim pantai Punai
Granite boulders scattered on Punai beach, Simpang Pesak.
Beltim homestay no 3
Homestay no. 3, Gantung.
Beltim perahu katir
Traditional katir boats at Serdang beach, Manggar.
Beltim workshop Bangek
Traditional wooden house used for art & craft workshop in Bangek village, Renggiang.
Beltim museum Kata
Love is in the air of Museum Kata, Indonesia’s first literary museum, Gantung.
Beltim gula aren
Freshly homemade palm sugar (no chemical preservatives added), Dendang.
Beltim pantai Punai sunset
Faithfully waiting for sunset until the end at Punai beach, Simpang Pesak.
Beltim klenteng Kelapa Kampit
A lucky shot taken from the inside of the speeding bus, capturing a beautiful temple with nicely carved stone walls & pillars, Kelapa Kampit.

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