Pinnacles Desert, Land Of The Ancient Ghosts

THIS is not a landscape from a science fiction movie nor an eerie landscape of planet Mars. This is real. This is Pinnacles Desert, a place where I could imagine: “Ok, so where are the dinosaurs?” as I was looking around, hoping to spot one.

Pinnacles Desert is located in the heart of Nambung National Park, Western Australia, 150km away from the north of Perth (or around 217 km from our place in the south). It took almost three hours driving and more if you stop somewhere else like us just to stretch our feet and get some snack. It was a long drive but I enjoyed it especially with crazy boys and a dog at the back seat.

You’re not allowed to bring any pet/animal to The Pinnacles area. So we dropped our dog with his Daddy at the nearby rest area on the highway, then I went back driving in with our son only. So if you’re thinking to bring your beloved pet: dog, cat, iguana, birds, crocodile or elephant, then you really need to consider that.

Pinnacles 01 Pinnacles 02 Pinnacles 03

Pinnacles Desert consists of thousands of huge limestone pillars that rise from the shifting yellow sands. Some rocks are as high as 3.5 metres, and some finish in a jagged point, while others have rounded domes, resembling tombstones. Indigenous people (Aboriginese) believed that these standing stones were fossilized ancient ghosts. Standing there alone in the middle of nowhere surely makes you feel like being in the land of the ghosts. Yes, you need to get off the car and wander around, feel the presence of the ancient spirits.

These formation of rocks were created millions of years ago as seashells were broken down into lime-rich sand and carried ashore and inland by waves and wind.

My son, Reka, said that this place is a kooky ones. It’s hard to make him jump up and enjoying rocks, but this one probably tickles him a bit because of the size and the emptiness.

Overall we loved this trip, it’s always nice to tick off that wish list box.


Pinnacles 04 Pinnacles 05 Pinnacles 06 Pinnacles 07


about the guest writer/photographer:

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Lifa Wall is a native Lomboknese who now lives in Perth, Australia. She used to be a tomboy and loves riding motorbike (managed to chipped one of her front tooth from bike accident). She loves travelling and visiting new places but found that her favorite place ever is at home.  She loves taking pictures and consider it as her second job after her first and main job as a wife and mom. She loves eating all the spicy stuff even though her spicy thermometer is going down from level 10 to 6 (if you ever eat nasi Puyung, then you’ll understand her spicy thermometer).

Lifa Wall and Taufan Gio have been friends since the golden era of Multiply blogging, back to 2007-2008.

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