Good Karma At Padma Hotel Bandung

PADMA Hotel Bandung invokes the stunning natural beauty for which Parahyangan mountainous land is renowned. Nestled in the lap of the green hillside of Ciumbuleuit, Padma Hotel Bandung boasts a spectacular view you won’t miss.

A young man named Sona greeted us warmly upon our arrival, he was the one to take care all of our needs during our stay in this hotel. Sona and team in their maroon uniform were dedicated butlers to the guests, they would always be ready for you whenever you need them 24 hours.

Padma level 1 (1)b
At the front gate where you can see the hotel building looks rather small for a luxury hotel.
Padma level 1 (2)b
A lovely waiting room with beautiful view to the valley. Wait until you look out the window, you will notice how huge this hotel building really is with its 8 level downwards.

Check-in process was fast & easy. A welcome drink was served. We were then immediately ushered to the semi-outdoor dining room to have some afternoon tea.  I had some hot black tea and sweet potato chips. The breezy air was chill, we were on top floor of the 8 level building downwards the valley, and I was quite mesmerized by the scenic view surrounding us. Layers of rolling hills, rice terraces, fertile valley, you name it. It was such a sweet afternoon as nice as sweet potato chips I had.

The hotel room itself was fabulous. Lovely comfy king bed, a variety of pillow choice, flat-screen TV, broadband internet, all glass bathroom with the tub and artisan toiletries, and most of all the view from the room was riveting. It was the lush green of the woods, close enough to make you feel like you were Tarzan & Jane staying in the jungle resort.

Padma room 2
I left the window curtain wide opened during the day, let the sun shine in, let the jungle view be the only sight.
Padma bathroom
A luxury bathroom have become an area of scrutiny and pride.

Padma room

Never forget the moment as I was sitting down by the outdoor swimming pool early in the morning (they also have morning yoga session during weekends). The mist was still floating around me. Humming of insects and chirping birds were the only harmony in my ears. It was a peaceful feeling as the first sunlight greeted me gently. Felt warm & nice.

Breakfast was my ultimate happiness during our stay here. There were lots of variety of food on the buffet. You could eat like a king! But I didn’t manage to finish them all because my stomach was already full. I’ve made a review about this here.

As we enjoyed breakfast, Sona the butler would pick up the laundry in our room. But whenever I needed something, he would appear in front of the door immediately.

Meanwhile, the housekeeping guys would come by noon, cleaning up the room quietly and thoroughly. I made friends with two of them, a guy named Tiray, and a girl named Nani. These two were very polite, a bit shy, and spoke in Sundanese accent which I liked. We didn’t talk much actually, but having them around in the room was like having friends visiting.

Padma level 5 (1)b
I love this outdoor swimming pool overlooking the valley.  You don’t smell any chlorine in the water, which is a good thing, as it will make you feel like swimming in fresh water.
Padma level 5 (2)b
A bit sad that the pool is only 1.7 m deep, but it’s OK, I don’t need to practice free-diving anyway.

My work didn’t allow me to roam outside frequently but to stay in the room. But I knew there were plenty hotel facilities I could use if I wanted to. Swimming in the outdoor pool was a must. There were also fitness center, jungle trekking, and any other outbound activities worth to try.

By Sona’s suggestion (he happened to like photography as well), I once got off the hotel and walked down the neighborhood area, taking street photography around, finding out a nice villa owned by our former president BJ Habibie, and having a great lunch in a hidden restaurant nearby. A simple thing to do but it’s worth the experience.

Back to hotel, back to room sweet room. Work might seem pathetic, but what more to ask if you got a chance to work in a comfy luxury room, supported by friendly butler & staff. Needless to say that I really enjoyed staying in Padma Hotel Bandung. It’s like a good karma.

Disgiovery yours!

Padma level 5 (4)b
The hill across the hotel is the property of Padma Hotel Bandung itself in order to keep the environment green, so it’s guaranteed that the woods will not be replaced by any concrete buildings.
Padma level 5 (5)b
Studio rooms on the right are actually located below the swimming pool level, and each room offers magnificent view to the woods.
Padma level 8 (3)b
Right from the spot near my room, there is this blue sky, fresh air, lovely scent of fresh-cut grass, and the sound of humming insects of the forest. What more could I ask?

Padma Hotel Bandung 

Jl. Ranca Bentang No. 56-58 Ciumbuleuit
Bandung 40142, Indonesia
Phone: +62 22 203 0333

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