Kota Liwa: The Charm of A Misty Town

HERE is a rare beauty of Kota Liwa.

Young folks would easily resemble this misty town with the movie Twilight, while the movie freaks would associate this with David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

The morning mist in this town creates a gloomy environment, the 2-storey traditional wooden houses on both sides of the road are as flat and grey as the sky above, featureless but for the one word that seems to crop up incessantly. But this is not Forks nor Twin Peaks.

This is Kota Liwa, the capital city of Lambar (Lampung Barat) regency in Lampung, Sumatera. It’s a city that borders Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park and Lake Ranau (the second biggest lake in the island after Toba).

The wild, forested landmass on which Kota Liwa sits might have been creating all the mists from the dusk til dawn. And it’s been a wonderful experience for me to be able to explore some parts of the town and around.

Enjoy the mist.


Disgiovery yours!


*on the cover: Lake Ranau and Mount Seminung

Lembah Batu Brak overlooking Mount Pesagi
Luckily this is not fire haze but natural mist
The sun dimly shining through bamboo forest
Liwa’s city landmark
A toddler getting some sun after his morning bath
Cloudy sunrise over Geredai
Morning view from Bawang Bakung hill
The hilly terrain separates Lake Ranau with Indian Ocean on Sumatera’s west coast
Not many know the fact that Lampung & South Sumatera share the same lake
A lady in her ‘me-time’ moment
On top of the hill of Lembah Batu Brak


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  1. Suhu di daerah itu gimana? Adem gak? Fotonya bagus-bagus, tapi favoritku yang “Lembah Batu Brak overlooking Mount Pesagi” dan foto paling akhir. *jempol*

    1. Thank you, BaRT! 🙂
      Suhunya waktu itu memang adem sih (meski siangnya panas), dan pada malam kedua dingin banget sampe harus selimutan, dan waktu keluar wisma kabutnya tebal bukan main…

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