Jakarta Skyscrapers (Through My Cellphone)

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JAKARTA skyscrapers are on the rise through the lens of my cellphone. These photos were taken along the street of Jenderal Sudirman, one of the busiest streets in the business & financial area of Jakarta. This main street stretches 4 km from Dukuh Atas to Senayan and is full of high-rise modern buildings.

I shot these pictures occasionally whenever I got a chance to visit Jakarta and happened to stop by around Semanggi.  It was quite a new challenge for me to capture Jakarta skyscrapers with a phone camera rather than with a DSLR.  But one thing I knew for sure was that it wouldn’t attract much attention.  It didn’t occur to me at those times as well that this would make such a photo compilation within one theme: Jakarta skyscrapers.

But now I hope you enjoy it.

All photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Gio (check out my other album here taken with the same phone camera).
Color FX with Pixlr-o-matic.

Disgiovery yours!


Jakarta 01
Wisma 46 (middle) is currently the tallest building in Indonesia with 46 floors and 262 m high. This building is also one of Jakarta’s cityscape icons alongside Monas (National Monument).
Jakarta 02
There is a long path connecting Trans Jakarta bus shelters on top of Semanggi area.  But it’s worth the cityscape I must say because you can have a sneak peek to Jakarta skyscrapers around.
Jakarta 03
This view was taken from Senayan swimming pool at Gelora Bung Karno where you’re able to spot some of Jakarta skyscrapers ahead.  I was standing on the 5 m high diving board in order to take this shot.
Jakarta 04
Atmajaya University building as reflected on BRI II glass building.  I really like this tone as if the building were made of golden plates.
Jakarta 06
This is not Gotham City.  This is SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District).
Jakarta 05
Under the fly-over of Casablanca where it started to rain.  But these Indonesian flags were still up arise among other concrete high-rise buildings.


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