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EVERY morning in my hillside studio room in Padma Hotel Bandung there was this fluorescent halo hanging on top of my head, expressing my enthusiasm on going to have some ultimate breakfast in hotel restaurant. Every morning here was special for me because I could have some happy tummy moment.

The old adage, β€œBreakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper”, is not suitable for me because I always eat like a king. Especially when it comes to free breakfast in this special hotel.

As mentioned here, The Restaurant was located on top floor of 8 level building perched on the hillside of Ciumbuleuit, Bandung. This creates a 180 degrees stunning view overlooking the valley and rolling hills at far.

Can you imagine having breakfast in a semi-outdoor dining room where you can sense mother nature around you while tasting delicious all-you-can-eat dishes. Humming of insects and chirping birds were our companion. The mist was floating over the canopy. The warmth of morning sunlight greeted us warmly.

I started with some lemon water and fruit platter.

Always start your day with a glass of (warm) lemon water. No sugar. This natural alkaline water is good for your liver as it has the ability to neutralize stomach acid.
Eat as many fruits as you can for breakfast. I like to squirt a few drops of lemon onto my fruit platter.

That should’ve been enough, but I couldn’t resist the temptation from the buffet table. You could find any breakfast foods here: fried/mashed potatoes, potato wedges, chicken/beef sausages, beef bacon, eggs (omelette/scrambled/sunny side up/half or hard boiled), breads of any kind (white/whole wheat/etc with any kind of butter & fruit jam), assortment of cakes & pastries, fruit & salad bar (with any kind of cheese & dressing), coffee & tea, even a range of homemade ice cream. There were also mini stalls of traditional breakfast: set of porridge (bubur ayam), set of coconut-infused rice (nasi uduk/nasi kuning), grilled chicken, to assortment of local dessert (jajanan pasar).

NO, that was not all. There was another buffet table across the building (there were two dining room in this hotel) serving international dishes such as chicken & mushroom soup, chicken/beef steak, vegetable stew, variety of pasta, and many others I couldn’t remember (did they serve sushi or dimsum as well?).

With all this range of good food around, wouldn’t you be as happy like me?

Good Food 3
Good food. Good view. Good morning. Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?
I should’ve finished my breakfast with fruits only. But this is so tempting. Good God makes a good view. Good view makes a good feeling. Good feeling makes a good appetite.

My second round usually consisted of raw food salad and fruit juice (my favorite were beetroot & pineapple juice, kiwi juice, and watermelon juice). As for salad plate sometimes I added some smoked chicken and cheese. My main course was either Indonesian or international food (note that I always inserted vegetable menu on my plate).

I didn’t really care about dessert since I didn’t like sweet stuff. A simple plain croissant was my favorite. I’d like to dedicate my special thanks to the pastry chef. Your croissant was the best I’ve ever tasted. Its crunchy rolls outside mixed with its soft & buttery layers inside. Heaven. As simple as that.

Good Food 5
This is what so called 3-IN-1 πŸ˜‰
Good Food 6
This creamy savory ‘nasi uduk’ (coconut-infused rice that’s cooked with spices) is my favorite breakfast dish. Usually served with omelette, shredded dried beef, fried sambal, and vegetable stew.

“You eat like a horse!” One friend once told me that, and I must say that he’s totally damn right. I don’t do any diet, but I follow some rule on food combining. One is always start your day with lemon water. Also to consume more raw food (fruits & vegetables). After all, a horse eats raw food too!

But maybe it was just an unfortunate event that the pasta I ordered for lunch from The Restaurant was under-cooked. It was not even al dente. I hoped that it only happened once since they usually served good food almost all the time. Or maybe I was meant to eat raw food only? πŸ˜‰

Disgiovery yours!

You can also order a variety of pasta ala carte.
pastry & bakery
Padma Hotel Bandung makes good pastry & bakery.
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