Hotel Review in Grand Paradise Lembang

“HOW about spending some time in Paradise?”

A few hours later I was on my way to Bandung. A friend had offered me this short term photo job for a few days, and I couldn’t say no. Besides, who wouldn’t have? You’d be spending a couple of days in Paradise (no, even better, it’s Grand Paradise) for free.

Located in the highland of Lembang (north of Bandung), it was drizzling as I entered the gate of Grand Paradise downhill. There were these two big white sculptures welcoming me in misty silence. One figure was holding up the knife while the other one was pointing out somekind of baseball stick. Such a nice warm welcome in what-so-called-paradise.

01 sculptures on the gate 02 downhill to the lobby

This huge white building I came into was located at the hillside and boasting valley view. The hotel lobby was actually on top (5th) floor. Adopting Roman & Greek style, this palatial building was very large with impressive decorations. Sculptures were easily found nearly everywhere.

Despite the breezy cold air in the semi-outdoor lobby, the hotel receptionist welcomed me warmly. “It’s been partly cloudy and partly foggy here,” he said in Sundanese dialect. Sundanese people speak in a melodic, wailing way, more like singing. He handed me the key room with a genuine smile. I instantly hoped that my stay in Paradise would be such a nice experience.

03 the lobby 04 the lobby
The Room

Nothing special with it, or maybe because I didn’t appointed to a suite-room. But at least I had a reasonably firm mattress. Minor problem with TV channels (but that was no a big deal since I don’t watch TV). No A/C either, but who needs an air-con when the temperature can be quite low. The bathroom was quite small with standard toiletries.

The Dining

05 breakfast 06 dining room paintings

Good food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets were excellent. A dedicated cook was ready to make us some fresh omelette or scrambled egg. Try their seafood tom yum, one of my favorite menu.

The dining room is named Olympia, and being there you’d feel like in the age of Roman/Greek Empire. If you look up to the ceiling, there you’ll see many paintings in different panels. Beautiful!

The Waterpark

08 waterpark

10 swimming pool

Located at the bottom of the valley, this water-park is also open for public. Since I spent most of the days working, I didn’t have a chance to visit the outdoor swimming pool nor the indoor hot spring water & whirlpool tubs. But it didn’t attract me much because of the cold weather and I was too tired when having spare time.

The Sculptures

11 scuplture

12 sculpture
This is mbak Yeni, my work partner. She likes to pose in front of the camera although she claims herself as a shy person. Fierce, mbak! 🙂

They were everywhere, depicting all mythology & fantasy figures I had no idea about. This can be a unique identification for the hotel, but my friend whispered: “If only you had the sixth sense, darling.”

Never mind, I personally felt there was nothing wrong with the sculptures, so don’t worry, guys!

The Surrounding

14 the park

15 sleeping beauty

Built on 2 hectare area, it’s vast enough to do some outdoor activities: outbound + ATV ride, and walking in strawberry fields. You can also enjoy the park, or play hide & seek amid the sculptures. Or make a brave commitment at the wedding chapel. Anything, up yours.

So how it feels like to be in Grand Paradise?

It’s such a nice experience, but I’m not crazy loving it.  I enjoy the delicious food and the friendly staff. I dislike the decoration though, it seems too much. This is not my kind of a place to relax & unwind. Grand Paradise is worth to visit, but not for me.

16 Grand Paradise

Grand Paradise

Jln. Tangkuban Perahu No. 50, Lembang, Jawa Barat 40391
Phone +62 22 2789198

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