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DAGO is a popular spot in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, that covers Ir. H. Juanda street and the surrounding area. Tourists flock to this area for its trendy shops (especially factory outlets), boutiques, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

But this time I’ve come to Dago for its breezy early day, and witnessed some kind of inner beauty of it under the warmth of morning sun. No traffic jam to worry about, no hustle and bustle of touristic area I don’t like.  Big tall trees lining up the side of the roads. Old colonial houses and modern buildings standing peacefully side by side. I’ve also met some locals who were just starting or preparing their work routine.  They were very nice people with big smile and melodious Sundanese accent.

Needless to say that I’ve found my fine morning here in Dago.

Disgiovery yours!


A woman carrying bamboo basket filled with bottles of djamu (traditional herbal medicine) on her back, waiting to cross the intersection.
With such fresh and cool air (especially in the morning), Dago is an ideal place to do some sports/outdoor activities.
Bike sharing has been existing in Dago since 2 years ago. It costs around 3 thousand rupiahs/hour for people to use the bike.
A vegetable vendor preparing his stock of goods to sell. He rides around Dago area until noon, and start over the routine the next early morning.
I really had no idea why someone would put the city mayor’s name on the garbage can, contrary to the fact that people love this man very much.
Bandung used to be known as the city of flowers. These flowers blooming along Dago street may represent a bit of the honorary title.
Bandung, emerging creative city. Yes, I believe it is.
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  1. uwwwoooowww ada saljunyaaa *salah fokus*

    kok Dagonya bisa sepi begini sih? enak amaaat, perasaan setiap mau foto tulisan Dago itu ga pernah bisa sepi :(( syebel, ini jam berapa deh keluarnya?

  2. belum pernah tinggal santai di bandung. pasti selalu keburu-buru & padat acaranya. kapan-kapan pengen yang santai begini, menikmati aura bandung


  3. Ah jadi nostalgia liat foto-fotonya. Saya dulu ngekost deket Dago selama lebih dari 4 tahun dan tau bener perkembangannya mulai dari belum ada jalan layang Pasupati, pas Dukomsel masih kecil, pas masih ada Dago Plaza, dll. Paling enak memang jalan-jalan di Dago pagi-pagi. Udaranya masih cukup segerr.

    1. Cool! Sempat jadi anak Dago rupanya, tiasa nyarios Sunda teu? Waktu itu masih ada planet Dago ya? Hehehe, sekarang udah berubah jadi hotel The 101, next mau ditulis review-nya 🙂

      1. Tiasa atuh. Kantos di Tasik oge sateuacanna di Bandung. Aslina mah abi teh ti Semarang, tapi kumargi tos lami di Jawa Barat janten we langkung tiasa nyarios Sunda tibatan Jawa. Tapi tos lami tara nyarios Sunda sih. 🙂

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