Cosmo Men’s Surprise

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WHAT a pleasant surprise when I recently visited my friend’s house and he handed me a Cosmo Men Indonesia magazine II/2013. It’s Alexander Skarsgard on. No, it’s not him that made me surprised, but the article on page 108-109. My photographs have been published on Cosmo Men magazine, man!

Actually, it was beyond my knowledge. My friend had written this article about freediving for Cosmo Men and enclosed some of my photographs as well. He’d told the editor to put a credit on my name for those photos, but unfortunately this Cosmo guy seemed to forget.

But it’s not a big deal anyway as long as my friend would share his pay. And I have another portfolio as a bonus. Thank you Cosmo Men!
Disgiovery yours!

cosmo men 2013 2
This shot was taken place inside Menjangan sea, West Bali National Park. This guy ascending from 20 meters down under with bubble ring was bli Nyoman, our guide.  He’s truly a natural born freediver.
cosmo men 2013 3
It’s my friend himself in action. I took this photo from 5 meters deep inside GBK Senayan’s swimming pool. Actually it was my first attempt standing steadily under the water, and believe me it was not easy, man!
cosmo men 2013 4
Hey Cosmo Men, how about some fresh face on the cover? This is me, under the-not-so-clean-water in a random deep. What do you think, am I Cosmo Men material enough? Skarsgard much, no?

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