About Me


Disgiovery is an alter ego of me, Taufan Gio, a beach person who enjoys nature, culture, and human interest.  I live in the land of Pakuan, the island of Java, and hold a green Indonesian passport.  I was raised in an ordinary Sundanese family, with a bit touch of traditional myths, surreal bedtime stories, and loads of green raw vegetables (and nasi tutug oncom, jambal asin, and karedok leunca). Hence I live in my imaginative world, I like to explore everything untouched and mysterious. I have a black Pegasus.


on traveling

I don’t travel frequently as much as an avid traveler does, but once I go out I’d try to go deep.  Quantity is no longer my concern, but quality is. Traveling is not about going places faraway, but it’s more about seeing things in different ways, how deep you’ve been touched & inspired.  Traveling is embracing your inexpert.  Smile to strangers, speak foreign languages, pay respect to the local customs.

On the other hand, you’ve gotta be a responsible one.


on writing & photography

I started blogging in 2006 using Multiply.com blogging platform. It was just some random notes though. But as the time went by, I finally found my interest in travel writing & photography. disgiovery.id was then established in late 2013 specializing in travel blogging. I’ve uploaded my old writings in Multiply as well so that you can see the progress I’ve done since the beginning of my blog writing.

My writings have been published in many online/print media as you can see here. Together with fellow travelers, I also wrote some fiction & travel books you can find in bookstores national wide.

As for photography, I take a deep interest in landscape and human.  You can see them all through my portfolio in this site.  I’ve also become a voluntary photographer for Kelas Inspirasi (a part of charity action of Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar).

Disgiovery yours!