10 Reasons Why You Should Explore Timor

EAST Nusa Tenggara Province in Indonesia consists of three largest islands: Flores, Sumba, and Timor. Kupang, the capital of the province is located at Timor Island. I once visited Kupang before and some misfortune events had led me to a promise ‘I know I’ll be back one day’.  The idea of exploring Timor Island is fascinating me.

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And the universe had my promise answered.

I was then very lucky to have the opportunity to explore Timor Island in 5 days hosted by ASITA (Association of Indonesian Tour & Travel Agencies) NTT & arranged by ayojalanjalan.com. I know a 5 day-trip is not enough to cover all the island’s revealed & hidden charm.

This 10 reason-list is not a justification, it simply represents where I’ve been to and what captured my attention most. I will give more detail on some of them in my upcoming posts. Flying to Kupang with Sriwijaya Air, here’s why you should explore Timor. Enjoy!

10 Reasons Why You Should Explore Timor

Surreal landscape

explore Timor landscape
Photo courtesy of @virustraveling captured by @FirstaDYI at Semau Island

I simply call it Instammy (from the word ‘Instagrammable’). And the landscape of Timor is truly photogenic. The arid land, the deep blue sky, the rolling hills, the rock formations, the bare trees (our local companions even said ‘We wonder why these Jakartans seem so excited to see the drying trees’), the horses-the cows-the goats-the pigs, etc. It’s like you should make a stop in every 10 meters because you can’t resist of taking some Instammy pictures.

A haven for the beach lovers

explore Timor Kolbano Beach

From the colorful stone beach of Kolbano to the shifting desert dunes of Oetune. Even the sea have all shades of blue: azure, cerulean, turquoise, sapphire, ultramarine, you name it. I think it’s the best time to replay the 90’s song I love most: I Love The Blue of Indonesia.

The adventure awaits

explore Timor Semau Island
Photo courtesy of @valentino.traveler taken on top of Liman Hill – Semau Island

Semau Island to name one. Located only 20 miles off the harbor of Kupang, you’ll get to see the otherside of a laid-back island life. It’s not completely isolated, but it feels like you are in an anonymous island. On top of that (based on my interest), there are many, I say many, many secluded beaches for yourself to enjoy.

The middle earth called Fatumnasi

explore Timor FatumnasiFatumnasi is a traditional village lies in the heart of South Central Timor with an average altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. The journey to Fatumnasi is the adventure itself. If you like to watch The Lord of The Rings the movie, then this is for you. The view along the way is magnificent yet thrilling. The old forest of Eukaliptus erophila and Usnea barbata creating a sense of middle earth. Hope there won’t be any Orcs hunting you down to Bola Palelo, Fatukolen, or Bonsai Forest. Once you manage to meet Mateos Anin (Fatumnasi’s leader), then you know you’re a survivor 😉

Expect the unexpected

explore Timor Gua KristalWho would have thought that underneath the rock formation of Bolok (near Kupang), there is a cave with crystal-clear water to swim in. It’s known as Crystal Cave, only popular among travelers, but not many locals know this place. Some believe that the water system is connected to the sea, that’s why the water is a little bit salty.

The queen of flame – Delonix regia

explore Timor flamboyanThe locals simply call it ‘Sepe trees’. You should come around November-December when all these flowers blooming and creating such a stunning spring (or even autumn) in the middle of arid land of Timor. Truly a unique beauty, especially for the romantic ones.

The colorful ikat weaving

explore Timor tenun ikatThe rich culture life of East Nusa Tenggara has created the colorful ikat weaving as well. Every region (even every tribe) has its own pattern.  The patterns are describing mythical figure, plants, animals, and also abstract motives which shows a deep appreciation of the power of nature.

The majestic sunset

explore Timor sunsetI really wouldn’t mind spending all day at the very laid-back beach of Tablolong, do nothing while waiting for the sunset. A small family of local seaweed farmer can be your good companion as well. The city of Kupang also has many spots to enjoy sunset view, such as Subasuka, Lasiana, and my fave from the infinity pool of Hotel On The Rock.

Because of se’i and fresh seafood

explore Timor Kampung SolorSe’i is a traditional sliced smoked meat that is thicker than common bacon. This dish is easily found in restaurants and warungs in Timor. If you don’t eat red meat, please come to Kampung Solor Night Market in Kupang Old City. Fresh seafood is ready to be served for you.

Because love is everywhere, even upon the sky

explore Timor love is everywhereDo I need to say more?


Disgiovery yours!

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  1. Salah satu daya tarik utama NTT buat saya adalah poin ke-9 ^^
    Kalo temen saya mudik ke Kupang, saya selalu nitip se’i ini, plus sambel bawang ala mama-mama sana.
    Semoga taun depan bisa duduk santai din pantai sambil lahap se’i yang baru mateng. Nice post!

  2. Gak rugi deh jauh-jauh main ke situ trus balik kulit agak keling ya, secara keren banget tempatnyaaaaaa. Aku rasa hampir semuanya terasa surreal, apalagi itu kalau misalnya Delonix regia nya berjejeran. Mungkin gak ya, mekarnya Sakura di Jepang kita tandingi?

    Kereeeeen. Tekad ah, mau solo traveling kesitu 🙂

    1. Harus ya kulit keling dibahas di mari, hahaha! *jejelin masker bengkoang*

      Ke depannya pemerintah Kupang ada rencana bikin satu kawasan khusus Delonix regia, moga lekas terwujud! Pasti bakal keren bingits!

  3. Timothy W Pawiro

    Agree with you!

    Lucky enough to visit Sumba and Flores, and they are absolutely gorgeous!

    Love to visit these places next time, would you be my guide?? #eh

  4. Badai, kamu pasti beli pilox warna merah terus kamu semprot di daun-daun pohon itu ya? Pasti! :p
    Duh, beneran bagus banget ya. I love the blue, green, red, yellow of Indonesia, dan Indonesia bagian timur memang juara soal keindahan alam. Semoga pembangunan pariwisatanya ke arah yang benar supaya alamnya tetap bagus sampe kita semua tua nanti.

    1. Bukan pilox, tapi sotosop. Woy, ini asliiiiiiii! 😀

      Tul, selain infrastruktur, juga perlu pembinaan soal sadar wisata & lingkungan di kalangan masyarakatnya, juga di kalangan wisatawan khususnya generasi MTMA 🙂

  5. Gila keren bangat, mupeng lihat foto-foto mu Gio. Langit dan airnya bisa biru sebiru nya. Begitu juga dengan sunset nya merekah bangat. Dan yang pasti makanan dan budaya nya, komplitlah sudah.

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