Weekly Photo Challenge | Carefree

Carefree during car-free day every Sunday in Jakarta.

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carefree on car-free day
Fierce and carefree during car-free day in Jakarta. Β Passing by in the background is a TransJakarta bus.

Carefree is free from anxiety or responsibility.

These pictures show how I interpret the feeling most people would like to be.


Static apnea for more than 3 minutes under water
Holding breath (static apnea) for more than 3 minutes under water while swimming free makes me feel like a carefree barracuda, only with less teeth.
I'm feeling like falling from heaven
I’m feeling like falling from heaven, says my friend, a carefree angel.
Under purplish sunset sky
Dreaming of flying under purplish sunset sky. Β Caution, I’m standing on the rooftop.


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