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Our latest book published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in mid 2017. Written with other 10 fellow travelers, it’s more on how to capture the spirit of traveling rather than the destination itself.

Travel Contributor

Disgiovery and publications are no strangers to each other. I have been writing some articles related to travel (and photography) and getting publicized by major print/online media in Indonesia. I don’t only write, I take pictures as well.  I don’t only travel, I explore with words and enthusiasm.

Print Media

Print Media

Travel writing (and photography) for major print media is one achievement I’ve finally managed to reach. To name a few brand: GetAway, Venture, Cosmopolitan, HerWorld, Panorama, MyTrip, Get Lost, and XpressAir in-flight magazine.

I have also blogged some creative process of these articles:

Panorama | Antara Kuntilanak & Pontianak
Terpana Kerala On Panorama
Cosmo Men’s Surprise
Venture | Campuhan’s Pilgrims
GetAway! | Mengembara Bira Besar

Online Media

malezones logo-big

I’ve worked as a travel contributor for, Indonesia’s leading online magazine for men. Actually, I used to write for Adira FOI (Faces Of Indonesia) as well, and soon going to be a contributor for Japan Travel.

Here are my 7 favorite articles in Malezones (you can check out my other posts here):

Responsible Travel | Sudah Bertanggung Jawabkah Kita?
My Kerala Experience Day 9 | Hidup Di Atas Sejarah
My Kerala Experience Day 5 to 8 | Backwater, Hutan, Dan Kota Kecil Di Puncak Bukit
My Kerala Experience Day 3 & 4 | Backwater Experience & Tradisi Yang Bertahan
My Kerala Experience Day 1 & 2 | Menyisir Pantai & Legenda Kuil, Museum, Istana
Kampung Urug Leubak dan Dia Yang Namanya Tak Boleh Disebut
Taman Nasional Erawan dan “Gajah Putih Berkepala Tiga”

Publications on Radio Interviews



El-John Radio Jakarta (streaming) | Travel Photography | hosted by Syasyi Latief on Tourism Channel | You can also listen to the recorded broadcast here

iRadio 89.6 FM Jakarta | Travel To Belitung Island (also with Firsta) | hosted by Sandy & Ayumi on Masih Pagi-Pagi

El-John Radio Jakarta (streaming) | Hobby As Profession | hosted by Arief Budiman on Lifestyle Inspiration

Book Publications on Major Publishers

Singgah (2013) is my first book published by Gramedia, the largest book publisher in Indonesia. I wrote one travel fiction in this book, along with other short stories written by 10 other writers.
Menghirup Dunia
Menghirup Dunia, my second book (written with 5 other travelers) published by Grasindo. It’s about how our travel experience has changed our perspective of life.

Traveling has brought me to the different perspective of life, of the world unimaginable before. This has inspired me to write travel fiction as well.  I have published a book and an e-book about travel fiction along with other (travel) writer fellows. Those are Singgah (published by Gramedia) and Supernatural (published by The Hermes).

Traveling has also met me with wonderful people all around the world.  They created moments for me to write them into true travel stories.  Fiction aside, I’m also going to release a travel book published by Gramedia in early 2015.  Wish us luck!


This Publications page is to be updated regularly, so please visit often.


Disgiovery yours!