Postcards from Nikoi Island

NIKOI ISLAND is more than just a resort island. It was first developed as a private island, owned by a small group of expatriates who have lived in Asia for most of their working lives.  Conservation and consideration of environmental issues have been a priority in the development of Nikoi.  Later on it has become a perfect getaway for those who need some privacy and luxury.  Oh, and it’s contributed well in Bintan’s tax income too.

The boat journey is approximately 10 km (less than half an hour) from Kawal jetty, on the east coast of Bintan Island, Riau Islands.

Within a limited time of visiting, I only managed to capture a few of one third of the island (you know what, they left its two thirds being untouched).  But for me it was more than enough.  Nikoi is undoubtedly beautiful, but what touched me most was they have left Nikoi as they found it — a deserted island. Their goal has simply been to ensure the island’s natural beauty endures.


Disgiovery yours!


nikoi island beach
All I want to do is simply recline on the sun lounges with a book. This is simply my kind of paradise.
nikoi island beach
Grab a snorkel and fins and explore the picturesque reef that surrounds the island.
nikoi island yard
Robinson Crusoe-inspired driftwood beach houses all have direct access to perfect white sandy beaches.
nikoi island wooden villa
The houses are made with local driftwood and ‘alang alang’ grass roofs creating truly eco-friendly accommodation.
nikoi island seascape
Do you think this view looks ordinary? FYI, there are many ship wrecks around Nikoi dating back 500 years or more.
nikoi island big boulders
Two thirds of Nikoi Island has been left untouched with the only disturbance being tracks to allow guests to explore the island.
nikoi island paradise
Always been compared with Maldives, Nikoi surely has its own little charm & beauty.



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