Everyday People

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Everyday this young man throws a heavy anchor overboard as his small boat pulled to shore in order to take people interisland within close range, here in Thousand Islands, Jakarta.  He loves his daily workout such as this.

Everyday People

Whenever you go traveling someplace
You’ll meet local people in their daily routine

You’re probably wondering
how does it feel to live in such exotic places:
in a tranquil valley, on a greenest hill, by the stunning beach,
around the sacred temple, at the most remote village

For these people
everyday is to do what they do to make living
or to interact with mother nature

Everyday Mr. Sulaiman walks for miles through the hilly land of Kiarapandak, Cigudeg, to get freshly cut grass for his livestock. I always remember the smile on his face as we approach closer.
Everyday this Balinese woman sets an offering on small shrines and on the ground as a form of thanking God for the peace had given to the world. Each time I get back to Ubud I always see her doing this ritual in the early morning. We barely talk to each other but a peaceful smile.
Everyday this man risks his life by walking hunched down the coast of Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi, looking for shells and sea snails (and maybe small crabs). Giant waves & strong current of the Indian Ocean don’t bother him at all. This man has guts.
Everyday this ranger of Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali, carrying a sack full of slices of papaya leaves to be given to the macacas. It’s their special diet and they love it, says the ranger who kindly offers me some.  Too bad I can’t recall this funny guy’s name.
Everyday this soft-spoken woman (most Sundanese are) is sowing seeds in small plastic bags. Although working with some dirt (mixture of dungs and fertile soil) but she believes in what she does, delivering the green back to nature.
Everyday Balinese women work harder than average women do. You can simply find them carrying heavy things with their heads up on the road, in the market, even at the construction site. Although this woman looks restless, but she gives me smile eventually.
Everyday he stands still, waiting for the tourists to come to Tanah Lot, Bali. He must work harder if people flock to ‘his workplace’. This duty may look harsh (and smelly), but this way he manages to save some money too.
Everyday Mr. Nyoman Suparsa treats his clients with his signature ‘hands of miracle’, includes a combination of deep tissue massage, acupressure, and reflexology. Nyoman learned meditation and anatomy with a high priest since he was a little kid. Now we are addicted by his treatment.

And these people are probably wondering
what do you do everyday, my friends?

Do you love what you do?



  1. Ibu-ibu yang membawa tikar… ah pastilah hidupnya selalu dipenuhi perjuangan.
    Suka semua foto-fotonya mas Aldi. Semuanya ‘berbicara’!

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