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Welcome to disgiovery.id

Let’s grab a brief history. Β At first it was all raised in Multiply for years, then moved out to WordPress, and now it’s finally settled in its own home domain. Disgiovery is still the same DuaBadai, only with some improvements and specialties (new features are on the run, guys!). This site is a melting pot whereΒ traveling and photography meet.

Now it’s time for some giveaway! Disgiovery is willing to give away some prizes for you as a celebration of this very moment. The rule is simple, just be yourself and answer this question below.

What makes a good travel blog for you? Why?

I don’t receive general normative answers, please make it more personal as it is time for you to speak your mind. You can answer it either in English or Bahasa, but please don’t write in Urdu or Swahili πŸ˜‰

The two most interesting/innovative answers will become our lucky winners. So, speak your mind here, no later than October 31st 2013. Disgiovery is waiting! Β Also follow our Twitter @disgiovery and like our FB page for newest update. Β Thank you, guys!




Free JVRO Barcode shirt for two winners!  White for man and purple for woman. Indonesian addresses only.
Free JVRO ‘Indonesia Barcode’ t-shirt for two winners! The white one for man and the other purple for woman. Indonesian addresses only. Β JVRO t-shirt is specially designed by me πŸ˜‰


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